With highly trained flatwork crews and Increased demands for flatter, more level industrial and warehouse floors, prompted Absolute Concrete to invest in Somero Laser Screeds.

We have 3-D GPS capability with Somero's 3-D Profiler and Somero's SiteShape state-of-the-art construction equipment, Absolute Concrete is capable of accomplishing an array of concrete flatwork in a timely and professional manner. Large interior floor placements exceeding 40,000sf per day are not a problem with a single crew. Construction of concrete floors exceeding Ff 70 and Fl 70 is often accomplished. We also have experience in the construction of reinforced floors using steel fibers, synthetic fibers, w/w mesh, and rebar.

Finishing makes concrete attractive and serviceable. At Absolute Concrete, our finishers take great care to make sure your project’s final texture, hardness, and joint patterns are to exact usage specifications. Whether it be utilizing a broom finish, hard trowel finish, Surface hardener, densifier, or special sealer treatments.

Absolute Concrete consists of loyal employees who are among the best concrete professionals. They deliver the highest quality concrete services and rise to nearly any challenge.

Flatwork Services Include:

  • High Flatness and Levelness

Commercial Retail:

  • Industrial
  • Parking Lots
  • Gas Stations
  • Commercial Retail
  • Multi-Family/Assisted Living Homes
  • ACI Certified Flatwork Finishers
  • Total Station for layout
  • Laser Screed/3D Paving